Data Entry & Encoding

We vastly improve accuracy & efficiency by:

  • Reduction of Error Rates: Errors in data cause negative effects on internal operations, customer satisfaction, or external supplier relationships. We have experienced staff who thrive on delivering excellent levels of quality using the latest tools.

  • Improved Turnaround Time: Speed of access to data is now a must for all businesses, and we offer service levels that can be less than a day or processed overnight. As this is our “bread & butter," we also provide an immediate uplift in productivity.

  • Unclear Fields and Formatting: If source data has unclear fields or formatting, this can cause significant reporting errors. Our service includes providing machine learning technology to uncover and correct these errors.

  • Unpredictable Volumes: Managing an unexpected spike in data entry work will put tremendous pressure on your in-house teams, and may cause an increase in errors as well. Our service can be turned up or down at a short notice, without the time spent on recruitment.