Remove the burden and complexity of your ESG Data

Given the increasing global demand for ESG reporting, there is a need for specific actions plans against net-zero targets. For organisations to make informed decisions, they must implement clear performance benchmarking and reporting. We aim to provide a unique blend of ESG Consultancy, Data Process Outsourcing, and SaaS at 40% reduced internal costs.

Most ESG Resources and Data are wasted.

Let us take control of your sustainability data to allow you to focus on your ESG strategy.

Common ESG Data Challenges

  • Costly and Time-Consuming Data Collection
  • Outdated, Duplicated
  • Inaccessible and Cluttered
  • Inaccurate and Incomplete
  • Complicated Dashboards

What we can do about it

  • Conduct Frequent, Accurate, and Consistent Reporting
  • Perform Validation Tasks
  • Gather more Data at an Entity or Facility Level
  • Implement Specific Action Plans
  • Compile Robust and Reliable ESG Reporting

Your ESG data, where you need it.


Maintain live or offline spreadsheets

Enterprise Systems

Parse data automatically to ESG, GRC, and ERP platforms using prebuilt connectors


Schedule delivery of your ESG data to secure FTP


Schedule delivery of your ESG data to secure FTP

Data Warehouse

Update your data warehouse on a continuous basis

Business Intelligence

Send datasets automatically to BI tools

Our Data Guarantee

We ensure that your data is delivered to your chosen destination. Even if there isn’t a standard connector, we have customisation and process support available.

Our Expertise

For over 15 years, we have been providing ESG Solutions and data management to organisations and businesses.

  • Remove the burden and complexity of your ESG Data
  • Gather and verify data from any source
  • Combine automation tools to expedite data collection